Managing the Grand Challenges with innovation and technology

How can we help international organizations become more effective in managing major challenges (such as poverty or access to healthcare)? What are the levers that can help? In this 3rd episode of our series “Décrypté”, meet Prof. Katherine Tatarinov, who addresses these central questions.

Although they are endowed with an extraordinarily dedicated and motivated workforce, international organizations are challenged to accomplish their mission: their bureaucratic dimension and severely reduced funding hold them back.

In this 3rd episode of Décrypté “Managing Grand Challenges with innovation and technology“, meet Katherine Tatarinov, Assistant Professor in the Department of strategy, globalization and society, and herself the CEO of an NGO. 

She will talk about the role of technology and innovation as levers for making international organizations more effective.

About the video series Décrypté co-produced by HEC Lausanne, L’éprouvette and Mousqueterre.
In less than 5 minutes per video, meet a selection of our professors at HEC Lausanne. They share their fascinating research while revealing their personalities. Each video embodies one of the faculty’s four core values: Rigor, Integrity, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship.

And the last episode to be discovered by end of June: 

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