Epalinges Site
Our main site is located in the SE-D building in Epalinges.

Biopole SE-D, FCF Director office DB42, level 2, AA31 and BA32 (analysers), AA41(office), BA42 (sorters).
Route de la Corniche 9A,1066 Epalinges

Available Machines : FACS Aria IIu (3 lasers), FACS Aria III (5 lasers), LSRIIa (4 lasers), LSRIIb (4 lasers), LSRII SORP (5 lasers), Fortessa (4 lasers), Gallios (3 lasers), FACS Canto (3 lasers), Cytoflex S (4 lasers), FACS Array (2 lasers), ImageStream Mark II (5 lasers, 2 cameras).

Bugnon/CHUV Site
Our second site is located in the Agora Cancer Center on the CHUV campus.

Level 3 rooms : 227 (analysers), 228 (sorters), 244 (office)
Route du Bugnon 25A
1011 Lausanne

Available Machines : MoFlo Astrios EQ (5 lasers), Sony SH800 (4 lasers), Gallios I (3 lasers), Fortessa (5 lasers, Cytoflex S (4 lasers), Cytoflex LX (5 lasers).