Getting Started

How do I start working with the Flow Cytometry Facility ?

To run samples on the FCF instruments you will need to attend to a training course specific for the type of flow cytometer you use. These courses are mandatory for everybody who plans to use the facility resources. Courses are free but the instrument used for the training itself will be charged. To register for a course please complete the registration form available HERE.

After attending the course you will be assigned a login for IRIS (the online reservation system) and you will be able to book the machine you’ve been trained for.

Will I be charged for the entire time I sign up for?

No. You are charged for the time you actually use. It is your responsibility to modify the time on IRIS before midnight on the day you use it. If you forget, you can ask the FCF staff to do it for you. If there is a problem with the software, please let us know.

Please do not overbook your time deliberately as this prevents others from scheduling during that time. Please ensure that the time you book is sufficient for running your samples, cleaning the machine and exporting the data.

For sort bookings, we ask users to please arrive on time. If you arrive late for a sort, we will charge from the beginning of the scheduled time until the actual end of the sort.

Can I analyze infected/transfected cells?

All samples classified as BSL-1 (e.g. primary cells of veterinary origin and well-established animal and human cell lines) can be analyzed on any of the instruments without fixation.

All primary human cells and virus-infected cell lines are considered to be BSL-2. Samples above BSL-1 maybe analyzed after they have been fixed with a proven pathogen deactivating substance (e.g 1-2% Paraformaldehyde). Unfixed human samples may be analysed on one of the two analysers (Symphony A5 or CytoFlex LX2) located in the P2 analyser lab at the Agora Cancer Centre. Please notify Danny Labes if you wish to run such samples.