Specific links

Please find attached various specific links from different countries where quantitative data on crime and criminal justice can be found.

  • Albania
    Institute of Statistics
    Official Webpage of the Albanian Institute of Statistics. Includes recent listings of social and economic indicators, and various publications relating to legal codes, criminal statistics, and the Constitution. In English and Albanian.
  • Croatia
    Central Bureau of Statistics
    The official homepage of Croatian statistics. This site includes two major databases: released data and Crostat databases. The first includes publications and censuses and the latter allows the user to retrieve data from statistical databases. In English and Croatian
  • Czech Republic
    Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention
    The research activity of the ICSP can be specified as criminological research in the field of social sciences which focuses on creating, maintaining and updating a pool of information on the state and development of crime, social pathology and penal policies in the Czech Republic, on the mediation of recent relevant empirical and theoretical knowledge from abroad, and on the development of criminology.” In Czech and English.
  • Denmark
    Danmarks Statistik. Bureau of Statistics for Danmark. Some crime statistics can be found through ‘Statistics’ -> ‘Data on Danmark 2000’ -> ‘Justice’.
  • Estonia
    Statistical Office of Estonia
    Contains crime statistics on offenses registered by the police, persons under prosecution, discovery rate, indicators of work of the State Prosecutor’s Office, convicts, and persons detained in penal institutions.
  • Greece
    Hellenic Police
    This official website offers information as to the form and function of the Hellenic Police Force, including statistical data. In English and Greek.
  • Ireland
    An Garda – Garda Siochana Annual Report 1998.
    The site of the Irish police with some figures on registered crime.
    Association for Criminal Justice Research and Development
    The ACJRD website provides the visitor with extensive information in respect to the administration of criminal justice, the causes and prevention of crime and the treatment of offenders. The website includes publications, research, reports and links.
    National Crime Council
    The National Crime Council provides information on crime prevention and served as an independent source of policy advice to Government. Though it has since ceased operations, users may access statistics, publications, links and other information.
  • Italy
    Ministero dell’Interno (Ministry of Interior)
    Contains information on national police. Italian and English.
    Ministero della Difesa (Military Court)
    Contains information on the form and function the the Ministero della Difesa, as well as numerous documents and legislation available for downloading. Italian only.
    Ministero della Giustizia (Ministry of Justice)
    Contains information on juvenile justice system, corrections system, justice system, and more. Italian only.
    Istat (Italian National Institute of Statistics)
    Giustizaincifre is a data bank completely devoted to the judicial statistics. It aims to give a picture of the judicial system and its subjects pointing out the judicial and social aspects. The Consultation of Data is available surfing among defined tables. The user can download on its own personal computer, in the Download section, the data tables, selecting the subject and the year. In Italian and English.
  • Lithuania
    Statistics Lithuania
    Includes summary statistics for the years 1995-1999 on the number of offenses and crime rates, percentage of offenses cleared, and number of persons convicted and incarcerated. Lithuanian and English.
  • Moldova
    National Bureau of Statistics
    This official website provides extensive statistical information and publications, including censuses and links about Moldova.
  • The Netherlands
    Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
    The Dutch national bureau of Statistics with lots of on-line data, also on crime and criminal justice statistics.
    WODC – homepage
    The research department of the Dutch Ministry of Justice. A list of publications can be found here.
  • Poland
    Polish National Police
    Includes an informational movie about the Polish National Police, a chart outlining the organizational statistics of the agency, and a police dictionary
  • Portugal
    Ministry of Justice
    Includes access to justice statistics and justice libraries. Portuguese only.
  • Romania
    Doing Legal Research in Romania
    This guide provides extensive information about the Romanian government, legal sources, research by topic and links. In English.
  • Scotland
    Scottish Executive Central Research Unit 
    The Scottish Executive Central Research Unit (CRU), which forms part of the Justice Department, provides a research service to all Scottish Executive and certain allied Departments such as the Crown Office, principally in relation to social policy. Statistics of Criminal Proceedings in CRU are located within the Justice Department of the Scottish Executive. You can obtain access to this site by going directly to the URL or through the Scottish Executive’s Section on Prisons. Currently, there are branches dealing with the following policy areas: Criminal Justice; Legal Studies; Social Work; Housing and Transport; Regeneration and Planning; Social Inclusion; Local Government Finance; Rural Affairs; and Education. The site contains information about all CRU research publications which take the form of full research reports, research summaries and the various research programmes. Copies of any CRU research findings or research programmes are usually available free of charge from the appropriate CRU contact and many are available on-line on this web site.
  • Slovakia
    Public Prosecutor
    This site contains information as to the activities of the public prosecutor, including links to documents and legislation, reports on the prosecutor’s activities and statistics. In Slovak.
    Supreme Court
    This website, in Slovak and English, includes information as to the form and function of the court, Slovak laws in English, statistical information on Slovakia, contact information, and more.
  • Spain
    Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
    Includes extensive statistical information on Spain. Of special note for WCJLN users are the data on Security and Justice. In English and Spanish.

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