New tutorials are available on: www.youtube.com/@ecotoxlausanne

Videos for lab experiments (in french)

Culture of daphnids:                                             tube.switch.ch/videos/380ebde8

Ecotox tests with daphnids:                             tube.switch.ch/videos/f2f94c64

Cultures of algae:                                                   tube.switch.ch/videos/8f0d9ee6

Ecotox tests with algae:                                     tube.switch.ch/videos/eecb5e39

Cultures and tests with earthworms:          tube.switch.ch/videos/709c33bb

Cultures and tests with collembola:             tube.switch.ch/videos/7b037a71

Tutorials with earthworms and collembola were done in collaboration with the Swiss ecotox center and are available in english.