Nathalie Chèvre (Head of the group)  personal website

contact: nathalie.chevre[at]

Imene Benali (invited Post-doc)

Imene and our group collaborate for more than 5 years. Imene is assessing the impact of pollutant in Algeria by measuring biomarkers in different types of mussels.

Imene is working at the University USTO/MB at Oran, Algeria.

Etienne Delaloye (Master)

Etienne aims in understanding the contribution of the swiss Golf to the pollution of surface waters by phytosanitary products. His work will first evaluate by modelling  the golf courses that contribute the more to the pollution. It will be followed by a field-based campaign focusing on a specific gols course, with the idea of measuring this pollution.

Fabio Guzzardi (Master)

Fabio is assessing (in collaboration with CEL, EPFL) the ecotoxicity of 6PPD-quinone issued from car tire components on the behavior, survival and reproduction of the aquatic model organism, Daphnia magna.

Vincenzo Guzzardi (Master)

Vincenzo aims in assessing the risk of the pharmaceuticals issued from senior citizen buildings by determining their relations with the differents water treatment plant and concentrations of drugs in rivers in collaboration with Unisanté at the CHUV.

Michal Maleika (Master)

Michal aims in assessing the effects of metals on hydra.

Floriane Tisserand (PhD)

Floriane is assessing the effects of chemicals on microcrustacea like daphnids. She is investigating the life history traits (i.e. survival and growth) as well as the effects at the biochemical level.

Assiata Traore Dosso (PhD)

Assiata is assessing the fate and behaviour, as weel as the environmental and health impact of chemicals used for gold extraction. She focuses her study on the mines situated in the region of Hiré (Southern Ivory Cost). See « mine d’or ou mine de malheur«