Useful Links

Pollen Data

NEOTOMA Database : Fast becoming the global go-to database for palaeoecological data

European Pollen Database (EPD) : Data currently being integrated into NEOTOMA

African Pollen Database (APD) : Data currently being integrated into NEOTOMA

PANGAEA data archive : For all kinds of palaeo data, including pollen data to download as individual sites

NOAA Palaeoclimate data archive : Similar to PANGAEA, although it has an older format

Chinese Pollen Database : Currently not public, information here

Indo-Pacific Pollen Database : Currently not public, status unknown, inventory of published sites here

Analysis Tools

C2 : A plotting and analysis program from Steve Juggins

RIOJA : An R package for pollen-climate reconstruction (and lots of other analysis), also from Steve Juggins

TILIA : Eric Grimm’s popular pollen diagram plotting program

CLAM & BACON : Maarten Blaauw’s packages for age-depth modelling

Other Web Tools

Convert spreadsheets into kml online (so you can see your sites on google earth)

Find the modern climate for any site location (lat/long/elevation)

Berkeley Earth climate data

Online radiocarbon calibration

The Plant List: official plant names

Online plant name resolver

High-resolution global forest data

Interesting Blogs

Walter Finsinger

Richard Telford


Past Global Changes (PAGES) Organisation : For all things palaeo..

Chris Brierley’s model climate variability pages

The Pollen Monitoring Program (for pollen trap data)

An interesting youtube video about palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using pollen analysis in the Sierra Nevada, Spain (in Spanish with English subtitles). Thanks to Prof Gonzalo Jiménez-Moreno at the University of Granada.