Dr. Shawn Koppenhoefer

MacAdmin & Analyste/Développeur IDYST/UNIL – Université de Lausanne since May 2014 – Email:shawn.koppenhoefer@unil.ch

Shawn provides technical-support to the Davis-group, making him the go-to person for all things database, server, network, website,  software, hardware, configuration, security, backup and more.

As a database-admin (PostgreSQL,PL/pgSQL, PostGIS) + sysadmin (OS X, Linux) trouble-shooter experienced in user-support, web-development (PHP/CCS/Javascript/Wordpress/Jahia/Moodle/PHPBB/wiki), network-administration (TCP IP/VPN/VNC/wifi/WEP/WPA), and some software-development (Unix/iOS/Objective-C/limited-Fortran) he is a valued member of the team.

Originally from Canada, born in 1968 into a german family, Shawn completed a double-honours degree (BSc in ‘Computer-Science’ and ‘Combinatorics & Optimization’ 1990) at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Waterloo. Six years later, at the EPFL while teaching the 1st-year course Introduction to Networks and Protocols, he published his doctoral thesis (PhD in Computer-Science) on real-time communication-protocols. He then became 1st assistant in the Electrical Engineering Dept. at EPFL working on telecommunication-architectures with Alcatel/Orange/Siemens, developed relational databases at Charles Veillon S.A., worked on e-government applications (civilian and military) at Networkers S.A., performed system-administration/teaching/web-development at the World Health Organization collaborating center GFMER in Geneva, worked independently developing a few iOS applications in Objective-C, and finally returned to the EPFL and UNIL to do database-support, & IT-support (system-administration).

Further places to learn more about Shawn
  • ShawnKoppenhoefer.com – http://shawnkoppenhoefer.com
  • LinkedIn – http://LinkedIn.shawnkoppenhoefer.com
    • As I am currently only employed ‘part-time’ at Davis-group, please contact me with your proposal for any short/long term collaboration/project.
Pages that have been kind enough to mention Shawn
  • A globally calibrated scheme for generating daily meteorology from monthly statistics: Global-WGEN (GWGEN) v1.0 – “We thank Shawn Koppenhoefer for assistance compiling and querying the weather databases…“. https://www.geosci-model-dev-discuss.net/gmd-2017-42/gmd-2017-42-manuscript-version7.pdf