Chris Roy receives SNSF Ambizione grant

Congratulations to Dr. Christopher W. Roy for receiving an SNSF Ambizione career grant on the development of novel fetal MRI techniques! This grant enables Dr. Roy to expand his activities with fetal MRI, to establish his own research group, and to deepen his clinical collaborations in Lausanne and elsewhere. The project includes a PhD position on the development of fetal-specific dynamic 3D acquisition and reconstruction strategies – download the description below and apply before it’s gone!

Ruud van Heeswijk receives SNSF Sinergia Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Ruud van Heeswijk, PhD for receiving a Sinergia multidisciplinary grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) together with Roger Hullin, MD (CHUV Cardiology), Philippe Meyer, MD (HUG Cardiology), and Jonas Richiardi, PhD (CHUV Radiology). In this four-year project, dubbed HeartMagic, the invesigators will study heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) with a broad range of modalities, including MRI, genomics, and metabolomics. They will they use state-of-the art machine learning to find subtypes of the disease, with the ultimate goal of pinpointing therapeutic inroads for the treatment of these HFpEF subtypes.