New SNSF Grant on Low-Field MRI

Professor Matthias Stuber and his team of international collaborators, including Aurelien Bustin (LIRYC, Bordeaux), Milan Prša, Stanislas Rapacchi, Jonas Richiardi, and Juerg Schwitter (all CHUV/UNIL), have secured a 4-year grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF to explore the potential of low-field MRI for cardiovascular applications. To achieve this, they will leverage advanced technology developed in their laboratory and combine it with the artificial intelligence capabilities of next-generation low-field MRIs. The goal? Democratizing more sustainable cardiovascular MRI by optimizing examination processes and making it accessible with just one single click of a button.

PhD position in 4D flow available

A new multidisciplinary PhD project on the quantification of cardiovascular flow has become available. This project is part of an established collaboration with clinicians in Cardiology and Radiology at the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) that has already had an impact in changing clinical practice. You will have the opportunity to disseminate your work and collaborate with our extensive international network of research institutions including our partners for this flow project, Northwestern University in Chicago, USA. Highly motivated engineering and physicists are encouraged to apply before March 15. More information can be found here.

Chris Roy receives SNSF Ambizione grant

Congratulations to Dr. Christopher W. Roy for receiving an SNSF Ambizione career grant on the development of novel fetal MRI techniques! This grant enables Dr. Roy to expand his activities with fetal MRI, to establish his own research group, and to deepen his clinical collaborations in Lausanne and elsewhere. The project includes a PhD position on the development of fetal-specific dynamic 3D acquisition and reconstruction strategies – download the description below and apply before it’s gone!