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PhD position: Persuasive Computing to support Job-seekers

Research topic

In recent years behavioral economics research has revealed that people make systematic mistakes in decision making. We fail in predictable ways not because we lack knowledge, practice, or willingness, but because we are limited in the way we make decisions: our brains are tricked by “forces” that influence us (e.g., emotions, relativity, social norms, etc.). However, we are not helpless. Once we understand when and where we might make erroneous decisions, we can force ourselves to think differently. Technology can play a major role in “empowering” users to overcome their natural limitations and embrace more rational and healthier behaviors. The goal of this research is to develop and compare different technological interventions and measure long-term their ability to provoke positive changes in the life of the users

Deadline for applicants: 30th of June 2018.

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Master Thesis Topics

  • Persuasive Security and Privacy (Taken)
  • Persuasive effect of privacy recommendations in consensual sharing of multimedia content (Taken)
  • Nudging unemployed people to easen transition in between jobs (Taken)
  • Determining the reasons behind adoption of and adherence to healthy eating apps (Taken)

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Master Thesis Done at the Lab

Experience de vote – La stimulation de la paticipation par le design web – Florian Barbon

Utilisabilité et oculométrie: une approche centrée sur l’humain. – André da Costa Bezerra