PErsuasive Tech Lab

PET Lab started in mid-2016 at the Department of Information Systems of HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne.

We research technology that can improve people’s lives. We focus on techniques that can help people adopt healthy behaviours (e.g. exercising, having quality time, meditating, etc.) and getting rid of negative behaviours (e.g., smoking, procrastinating essential tasks, etc.). Our approach is to design technological interventions that provoke a change. These might be embodied in mobile apps, interactive services or even take a physical form and shape. We see technology as a way to empower humans through new awarenesses and abilities. In our approach, interventions have a limited time span and do not create dependencies.



November 2018 – We have an open PhD position on Learning Technologies.

August 2018 Zied El Houki, Wilson Ngo, and Jonas Brun have defended their MScIS theses successfully.

June 2018Luca Reut, Tolulope Omuku, and Zineb Hamdi have defended their MScIS theses successfully.

May 2018 – We have an open PhD position on Persuasive Computing to support Job-seekers.

April 2018 – Our research lab director featured in PME Magazine January-February 2018 Edition. Discussing sharing economy and interactive services for older users.

February 2018 – Khaled Lala is joining us this spring to work on his Master Thesis. He will be studying the reason behind the adoption of and adherence to healthy eating apps.

February 2018 – We got a short paper accepted for A Short Workshop on Next Steps Towards Long Term Self Tracking at CHI’18.

September 2017 – Luca Reut joins our lab to begin his master thesis on the topic of Personality and social characteristics of non-technology users during life-changing events. Also, Tolulope Omuku joins our lab to begin her master thesis work on the topic surveying persuasive apps.

February 2017 – We got a short paper accepted for Mobile Interface Design with Older Adults Workshop at CHI’17.

January 2017 – Gabriela Villalobos-Zúñiga joins our lab as a PhD Student researching on persuasive applications for health and wellbeing.