New paper out!

Our latest paper is out! Samuele did an amazing job exploring how competition between two bacterial strains growing in a biofilm affects the infection of one of them by phage. The project was originally Philippe’s side-project and he recruited Sarah, who really pushed it forward during her Master project. It would all not have been possible without a great collaboration with Frank and Greg – the two phage experts in our department! Check it out here!

Turnover in the lab

To our great sadness, Flora has been the first postdoc to leave our lab after a very fruitful year. She has also left for a good reason: to take up an independent postdoctoral fellowship in Berlin! The experiments that she has started are nicely rolling now, though, thanks to her great work!

The good news is that we have two new members: Aurore has started a postdoc, and Andrea a Phd. They will both be working on the same project as a team – Aurore will be building theoretical models, while Andrea will do the matching experiments. We are very excited to have them on board!

New pre-print on bioRxiv

Our latest pre-print is now available. We report on theoretical work by Shota Shibasaki, where he developed a model to explore public goods games in bioremediation of a toxic compound. The study shows that cheats that do not contribute to the public good can lead to system collapse, but by carefully controlling the system’s evolutionary dynamics, one can maximize detoxification efficiency.