Several pre-prints and papers in 2023

I have been a bit slow updating our publication list, but it’s finally there! This year, in addition to a short highlight piece by Snorre, we have posted four papers on bioRxiv: two on artificial community selection (a theoretical model led by Björn and Pablo and a monster of an experiment led by Flora), one on how interactions can change to facilitation when the environment becomes toxic (experiment by Rita and model by Aurore) and a theoretical framework that can be used to predict how interactions can change as a function of the environment (by Oli)!

We have also published one paper where we built a simple model of the gut with two compartments and explore how this compartmentalization can affect the stability of the community (by Shota), and a review/opinion paper (by Shota, Aurore and Oli) discussing when one should use which model (Lotka-Volterra versus consumer-resource models) depending on the experimental system.

It’s been a productive year (go team!) and we’re excited to see what 2024 brings, with lots of exciting work in the pipeline 🙂