New master topics, 2020/21

  • Development of non-invasive method for measuring biochemical biomarkers on amphibians
    In this master project, we aim at developing non-invasive methods for measuring molecular biomarkers in amphibians’ saliva and/or epidermal mucus. Developing such methods would be of greatest importance for environmental biomonitoring and is highly consistent with the « Refinement » part of the principles of the 3R’s (Russel et al., 1959).
  • Pesticides and antibiotics in ponds. Risk assessment for amphibians.
    In this master project, we aim in characterizing the exposure of amphibians to pesticides and antibiotics in ponds. In a first step, the student will have to determine potentially polluted and unpolluted sites based on GIS. Second, he/she will have to collect samples from these sites that will be analysed at the cantonal laboratory in Epalinges (in collaboration with the student). Finally, the student will have to estimate the risk for amphibians due to the exposure measured.

Descriptions also available on: Master in environmental sciences