Nathalie Chèvre (Head of the group)contact: nathalie.chevre[dot]

Imene Benali (invited Post-doc)

Tom Benejam (Trainee)

Jérémy Boillat (Master)

Jérémy evaluates the toxicity of pesticides, alone or as a mixture, on the growth of the protist Euglypha Rotunda.

Christophe Borel (PhD)

Giulia Bovo (Master)

Giulia evaluates the transfer of the different forms of nitrogen issued from a contaminated site in Canton Vaud.

Kevin Casellini (Master)

Kevin is evaluating the impact of the introduction of fishs in Alpine lakes

Sandrine Froidevaux (Master)

Sandrine is measuring the microplastics in fish stomachs from Geneva lake

Alexandre Hattich (Master)

Alexandre is evaluating the toxicity of repeated pulses of mixture of herbicides on algae.

Raphaël Santos (invited researcher)

Maria Trujilo Gomez (Master)

Maria is modeling the total suspended solids’ load in a river close to the University (Chamberonne river)

Sabesan Sabaratnam (Master)

Sabesan is characterising spatially the pollution of the sediments in a Bay of lake Geneva (Vidy Bay).