Nathalie Chèvre (Head of the group)contact: nathalie.chevre[dot]

Imene Benali (invited Post-doc)

Imene and our group collaborate for more than 5 years. Imene is assessing the impact of pollutant in Algeria by measuring biomarkers in different types of mussels.

Imene is working at the University USTO/MB at Oran, Algeria.

Jérémy Boillat (Master)

Jérémy evaluates the toxicity of pesticides, alone or as a mixture, on the growth of the protist Euglypha Rotunda.

Christophe Borel (PhD)

Christophe is evaluating the sources and behaviour of PBDE in the environment. His PhD aims in modeling the transfer to predict the occurrence of the compounds in the sediments of Bay. His case study is the Bay of Vidy, Lake Geneva.

Laurent Boualit (SNF PhD)

Laurent is assessing the effects of chemicals on amphibian physiology, morphology, behavior (i.e. personality, dispersal), and life history traits (i.e. survival and growth) at embryonic and larval stages. He will also examine the delayed effects of chemical exposure at aquatic stages on physiology, morphology, behavior, and life history traits after metamorphosis.

Alexandre Hattich (Master)

Alexandre is evaluating the toxicity of repeated pulses of mixture of herbicides on algae.

Raphaël Santos (invited researcher)

Raphaël collaborate with our group for the development and the measurements of biomarkers on different organisms.

Raphaël is working at the technical school Hepia in Geneva, where he is developing biomarkers tools for evaluating the stress of fish exposed to particles released by dam discharges.

Maria Trujilo Gomez (Master)

Maria is modeling the total suspended solids’ load in a river close to the University (Chamberonne river)