The Education and Training Observatory (OBSEF) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Lausanne is delighted to invite you to participate in the International Week of Education and Training (SIEF) which will be held at the University of Lausanne from 12 to 16 September 2022.

Registrations for the conferences will open soon…

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The SIEF: a week to exchange

This international week is the result of the collaboration between four associations (ABC-Educ, the Belgian French-speaking Collaborative Association for Educational Research; AECSE, the Association of Teachers and Researchers in Educational Sciences; SSRE, the Swiss Society for Research in Education; and ESA RN10, the Research Network 10 of the European Sociological Association), the University of Lausanne.

The SIEF seeks to demonstrate the richness of research in education and training and to promote dialogue between different geographical, linguistic, disciplinary and institutional spaces. It will bring together 3 conferences usually organised independently:

The Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE)

12 – 13 September

SSRE Call for papers
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The International Congress on Current Research Developments in Education and Training (AREF)

13, 14 and 15 September

AREF Call for papers
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The biennial midterm conference of the Research Network 10 in Sociology of education (RN10) of the European Sociological Association (ESA), ESA RN10

15 – 16 September

ESA Call for papers
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Themes of the week

Three cross-cutting themes will serve as common threads throughout the week:
1) the digital turn in education and training,
2) the development of an inclusive approach in education/training including at the institutional level and
3) well-being in education and training.

Our aim is to ensure that current research in education and training contributes to ongoing debates on these crucial issues for our societies. The SIEF is therefore resolutely interdisciplinary, open to the public and to the professional communities that are grappling with these topical issues in education and training.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: 30.04.2022

Author notification: 30.05.2022

Registration deadline: early bird 15.06.2022, end of registration 30.07.2022