Plasmids and biosensors:
We have deposited many plasmids at Addgene. For other requests, send an email to serge.pelet[@] We are happy to share our tools.

  1. Single Integration Vectors: Integrative vectors for robust integration of a single copy of a gene in yeast.
  2. Gene Tagging Vectors: Family of fluorescent protein tagging vectors.
  3. SKARS: MAPK activity relocation sensors.
  4. dPSTR: Bio-reporter to monitor the dynamics of gene expression.

Bioinformatic tools
We have developed programs aiming at the quantitative analysis of different types of images:

  1. YeastQuant: To quantify the dynamics of expression and localization of fluorescent protein in microscopy time-lapse movies.
  2. GoldenEye: To quantify the growth of yeast colonies in genome wide screen for drug resistance or synthetic lethality.
  3. Global Fitting of FLIM datasets: To quantify the lifetime and relative ratio of a FRET pair in fluorescence lifetime images.