Pluralistic memories project’s data has been published! 25 published datasets can be find in FORS base

Project publications are available at: P3 SNSF

Special Thematic Section on “Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: From Diversity to Pluralism” in the Journal of Social and Political Psychology

Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: An Introduction
Guy Elcheroth, Sandra Penic, Ramila Usoof, Steve Reicher

Village Guards as “In Between” in the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict: Re-Examining Identity and Position in Intergroup Conflict
Yasemin Gülsüm Acar

Concealing Former Identity to Be Accepted After the Demobilization Process in Colombia: A Real Reintegration in a Post Conflict Scenario?
Odile Cuénoud González, Alain Clémence

Working Together, Living Together: Jewish and Palestinian Citizens of Israel Crossing Imagined Group Boundaries
Cathy Nicholson

Support for “Normalization” of Relations Between Palestinians and Israelis, and how It Relates to Contact and Resistance in the West Bank
Mai Albzour, Sandra Penic, Randa Nasser, Eva G. T. Green

Leadership Strategies of Mobilisation and Demobilisation in Sudan
Sigrun Marie Moss

The Role of Identity Transformations in Comparative Victim Beliefs? Evidence From South Sudanese Diaspora
Michelle Sinayobye Twali

‘Two Homes, Refugees in Both’: Contesting Frameworks – The Case of the Northern Muslims of Sri Lanka
Esther Surenthiraraj, Neloufer De Mel

Preferences for Different Representations of Colonial History in a Canadian Urban Indigenous Community
Scott D. Neufeld, Michael T. Schmitt