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The Workplace Interpersonal Perception Skill test (WIPS; Dael, Schlegel, Weaver, Ruben, & Schmid Mast, 2022) is an online performance-based test that measures individual differences in interpersonal accuracy broadly, covering different nonverbal channels (face, body, voice) and multiple content domains (personality, behavioral intentions, status, interpersonal attitudes, thoughts and feelings). The WIPS comprises of 41 brief video segments with and without sound from three types of role-played workplace interactions: a recruiter-candidate negotiation, a helpdesk trouble-shooting scenario, and a company team meeting. Each segment is paired with a multiple-choice question. The WIPS takes 20 minutes to complete.

The development of the WIPS was supported by the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse project nr. 28376.1 PFES-ES. The WIPS is freely accessible for academic research purposes only, as per the User Agreement document (to be downloaded and completed, see below). To obtain access to the WIPS please complete the following fields:

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