Charisma and Public Speaking

Target Public

This training is for people who wish to develop their communication skills and improve their charisma in order to master speaking in public, convincing clients or collaborators, and getting their ideas across most effectively.

Why does it matter ?

Speaking in public, presenting the results of an analysis or persuading others about an idea have become key activities for most of us. We constantly need to speak in public, convince and inspire customers and colleagues alike. However, many of us feel uncomfortable speaking in public and believe that we could frame our message in a more convincing way. It is therefore essential to learn tactics identified by research to deliver persuasive and dynamic messages and to manage one’s stress when delivering them.


  • Master several verbal and nonverbal charismatic tactics to make presentations and sales pitches more inspiring and persuasive;
  • Master stress management techniques to deliver better presentations and sales pitches;
  • Apply the verbal and nonverbal charismatic tactics to a personal case and finish the day with a « ready to go » presentation or pitch.


This training is a one-day intensive program that blends theoretical input with group discussion and personal coaching.


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