Call for Papers | Historical roots of contemporary trans-Atlantic phenomena”


Historical Reflections Special Issue CFP – “Historical roots of contemporary trans-Atlantic phenomena”. Editor: Elizabeth C. Macknight, University of Aberdeen. Co-Editor: W. Brian Newsome, Elizabethtown College

The editors invite submission of articles on the historical roots of contemporary trans-Atlantic phenomena, including but not limited to the gilets jaunes, Black Lives Matter/related European protests, and pandemics such as the 1918 influenza and COVID-19.

Articles may be submitted individually or in groups of three to six to Senior Editor Elizabeth Macknight ( and co-editor Brian Newsome ( Scholars seeking to coordinate submission of article groups should contact the editors beforehand. Articles should be 7,000-9,000 words in length, and be submitted as email attachments, formatted as Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format files. For further details, including submission guidelines, please refer to the journal’s website.

Have other questions? Please refer to the Berghahn Journals For Authors page for general information and guidelines including topics such as article usage and permissions for Berghahn journal article authors (

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