Who we are


Professor Martin Müller – Director

Martin is a human geographer and professor. He heads the research team M³ (Materialities | Multiplicities | Metropolis) at the University of Lausanne. He is interested in how rich cities attempt to become sexy cities. In other words: How do cities seek to convert economic capital into cultural capital by investing in global urban types such as mega-events and cultural flagships? He works on the Global East.


Contact: martin.muller@unil.ch 

Twitter: @DrMartinMuller

Dr. David Gogishvili – Postdoc

David is an urban geographer interested in mega-events, megaprojects and mobilities in the Global East. His research examines the role of legal exceptions and politics in large-scale urban projects and mostly focuses on the cities of Central Asia and South Caucasus. He is working on the project Cultural Flagships: Pathways, Practices and Politics of a Global Urban Type.


Contact: david.gogishvili@unil.ch

Dr. Julio Paulos – Postdoc

Julio is an urban geographer. His research involves putting cities to the test of problematisation. Following from his early interest in how planning works, Julio examines the ambivalent trajectories of cultural innovation in the making of urban environments. Combining theoretical insights from urban studies and actor-network theory, his empirical investigations take him around the world to encounter the governance-in-action of cultural flagships. He is working on the project Cultural Flagships: Pathways, Practices and Politics of a Global Urban Type.


Contact: julio.dacruzpaulos@unil.ch

Twitter: @julio_paulos

Nadja Imhof – PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant

Nadja is currently completing a PhD project on nature in cities with a special focus on rats. In the centre of attention are the political, social and economic practices of rat management shaping socio-ecological relations and determining which ‘nature’ emerges and is enacted in the urban setting.


Contact: nadja.imhof@unil.ch

Violante Torre – PhD Candidate, Teaching Assistant

Violante is currently developing her PhD project, investigating urban transformations and culture-led urbanism in Istanbul, Turkey.  She is particularly interested in exploring how major urban redevelopment plans on culture in the city confront themselves with everyday uses and practices in space, and how the image of the city and its historical, cultural, and religious identities are shaped by this encounter.


Contact: igd.unil.ch/violante.torre/ violante.torre@unil.ch

Twitter: @TorreViolante

Clotilde Trivin – PhD Candidate

Clotilde is currently developing her PhD project, comparing the Museum of the Second World War and the Solidarność Museum in Gdańsk, Poland. Her PhD centers around minor narratives, affective experiences and materialities of buildings. She is interested in global urbanism, architectural geographies, and more-than-human urban politics to research city-making in the Global Easts. She is working on the project Cultural Flagships: Pathways, Practices and Politics of a Global Urban Type.


Contact: clotilde.trivin@unil.ch

Twitter: @ClotildeTrivin

Julie Grieshaber – Junior Researcher

After finishing a master in sustainability, Julie joined the M3 Team as a junior researcher. At the University of Lausanne, she will study how cultural institutions can become thought leaders and role models to inspire action for sustainability beyond their sector. She is particularly interested in putting her research into practice by understanding the barriers that the institutions can encounter and find ways to overcome them.

Contact: julie.grieshaber@unil.ch

Abdallah Jreij – PhD Candidate

Abdallah is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DAStU) at the Politecnico di Milano. He is developing his Ph.D. project, investigating the relevance of the context on the environmental sustainability of projects and developments aligned with the mega-events. He is investigating previous case studies, the Winter Olympics in particular, and the outcome of his research will be applied to Milano Cortina 2026 and to future mega-events. For that, he is now spending a visiting period at the University of Lausanne, being part of the team of Prof. Martin Müller within the department of Geography and Sustainability.


Dr. Christopher Gaffney, Associate Professor at New York University. sps.nyu.edu/homepage/academics/faculty-directory/20072-christopher-t-gaffney.html

Aghata Gonsalves, PhD Candidate at the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis. https://www.escavador.com/sobre/4202895/aghata-karoliny-ribeiro-gonsalves

Miriam Hug, PhD Candidate and Teaching assistant at University of Bern. geography.unibe.ch/about_us/staff/hug_miriam/index_eng.html#pane893341

Dr. Elisabeth Militz, Postdoc at University of Guelph. https://geg.uoguelph.ca/post-doc/militz-elisabeth

Dr. Suncana Laketa, Postdoc at University of Neuchâtel. unine.ch/geographie/en/home/collaborateurs-trices/suncana-laketa.html

Jill Pope, PhD Candidate at University of Melbourne. unimelb.academia.edu/JillPope

Dr. Sven Daniel Wolfe, Senior Lecturer at University of Zurich. https://www.geo.uzh.ch/en/department/Staff/danielwolfe