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Meet M³. We are a research team in Urban Studies at the University of Lausanne. We work on cultural flagships, mega-events, improvisation and unruly nature. For us cities emerge as sociomaterial entanglements (Materialities), where past histories, present practices, and future potentialities (Multiplicities) combine. Our field are cities (Metropolis) in Europe, the Global Easts and beyond. We seek to revise the geopolitics of knowledge through decentring the loci of thinking and theory-making.

We are M³.

M³ is headed by Martin Müller, professor in the Department of Geography and Sustainability at the University of Lausanne.

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Congratulations to M3's @ClotildeTrivin and @hourlogic for their new piece in the latest GeoAgenda, talking about the geographies of sound at the Culture and Convention Center Lucerne.

Read here:


Excited to be presenting the very first results of our @M3_UNIL research on the global spread of cultural flagship buildings @DastuPolimi this Thursday at 17:00 GMT+1. Tune in on Webex (follow link 🔽) or come by if in Milan.

"Seeing the City Through Digital Platforms", talk by Dr @pettertornberg on March 17, 2-4 pm. Hybrid event.

Relevant to those interested in platform urbanism, digital technologies, computational methods, and issues of city tourism.


M3's @hourlogic with Suzy Harris-Brandts and David Sichinava, talking about inequalities and international urban development in Georgia at #AAG2022

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