List of Symposia

Open session 
If your presentation does not fit with any of the proposed symposia below, you can submit it as an open submission and indicate key words that describe your work best (eg. Community ecology, neurobiology, chemical communication etc) which will help us group the open submissions in thematic sessions.

From individual decisions to collective responses
Organizers : Ebi Antony George, Morgane Nouvian

Genomic determinants of caste, sex, and social organization in eusocial insects
Organizers : Jonathan Romiguier, Hugo Darras

Social insects and their microbial communities
Organizers : Vincent Doublet, Lena Wilfert

Social immunity within and beyond superorganisms
Organizers : Erik Frank, Sylvia Cremer

Beetles and other unconventional social insects
Organizers : Jon Andreja NuotclĂ , Peter Biedermann

Diversity and evolution of behaviour and communication in bees
Organizers : Jean-Christophe Sandoz, Thomas Schmitt, Axel Brockmann

Invasive social insects
Organizers : Cintia Oi, Uli Ernst

Coping with climate change: Responses and adaptations in social insects
Organizers : Patrick Krapf, Jonna Kulmuni, Richard Gill, Elizabeth Evesham

Social insects in the Anthropocene – impacts of environmental pollutants and landuse
Organizers : Ricarda Scheiner, Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter