Netiquette as Digital Social Norms

Welcome to our new Digital Revolution Trends podcast series!

Digital media impacts almost every aspect of life today. It brings with it convenience and a host of other benefits. But there is of course a flip side to the virtual world. Social media communities can lead to cyberbullying, on-line relationships have their own set of rules and content on important issues such as financial investments can result in misinformation and confusion. 

In this podcast series, we discuss with three of our experts, key emerging issues that come with the digital revolution. What does their research tell us and what are their thoughts on how best to navigate this complex environment. 

Here’s our first conversation with Robin Schimmelpfennig on the fascinating topic of netiquette!

How should we behave and interact with other people online ? How digital social norms evolve and differ depending on the channel (social networks, email, online meetings,etc) and with which impact for our every day’s life and online experience.

Maxi Heitmayer & Robin Schimmelpfennig (2023) Netiquette as Digital Social Norms,International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, DOI: 10.1080/10447318.2023.2188534