a new online index of the job market evolution

The platform is the result of a collaborative effort between HEC Lausanne at the University of Lausanne, KOF at ETH Zurich and the private company x28 AG, and provides an ongoing means of monitoring trends in the labour market in Switzerland. The index is updated weekly and records changes in the number of vacancies, based on the data published on most of the country’s job portals and company websites. The platform was created in the context of the national research program on the digital transformation.

Signs show that the employment market in Switzerland has passed its peak. This is the conclusion that the site, which has just gone live in its initial version, has reached in recent days, according to Prof. Rafael Lalive from HEC Lausanne (UNIL), one of the project’s co-directors.

The new platform, which is free of charge and accessible to anyone, displays an index representing vacancies in Switzerland, with the option to measure the trend in vacancies published online by canton, sector or job role. The aim is to show whether trends apply to the whole economy or whether certain regions, sectors or professions stand out.

Jeremias Klaeui, a doctoral student at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, contributed to the project by developing the new index. « The Covid crisis showed the importance of high-frequency data to be able to observe the labour market and understand how employers were looking at the future. The advantage of the site is that it provides answers very quickly, on a weekly basis, while other indicators are updated quarterly. »

About Swiss Job Tracker

Swiss Job Tracker was developed within the context of the “What Workers Want” project, which is part of the « Digital Transformation » national research program (PNR-77), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). A dashboard will be developed in the future to analyse the skills sought in vacancies in real time.

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