Scientific Outreach

03/24 – Ma thèse en 180 secondes

Bastien took part in the scientific outreach competition MT180, where he explained his PhD project in less than 3 minutes. How many liters of liquid water are contained in the Otemma glacier? The answer in this video, with English subtitles available.

09/23 – Impressions from the field : our journey to the Otemma glacier.

First made for the Alpine Glaciology Meeting 2023 where it was screened in front of the most reknown European glaciologists, the short outreach video made by Bastien is now available on Youtube! If you want to get a glimpse on what our fieldwork look like, and how the drone-based GPR system works : please click!

05/23 – Pint of Science Festival – Lausanne

In the scope of the Pint of Science Festival, Bastien spent an evening in a bar in Lausanne talking about our research to a broad audience. Interesting questions about the values of our work as well as the future of alpine glaciers raised from the discussions!

08/22 – Etudier les glaciers des Alpes avant leur disparition – Nouvo RTS

Marc Gagliardone is a journalist for Nouvo, a news channels part of the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS). Last August he interviewed Johanna and Bastien while they were working on the Rhône glacier.

01/22 – La Cabane des Diablerets Scientifique

In January 2022, Johanna and Bastien spent a night at the Cabane des Diablerets, a mountain hut located right below the Tsanfleuron glacier that Bastien studied, and gave a vulgarised talk about their work and more broadly the importance and impact of the glaciers in Switzerland.

01/22 – In the heart of the Swiss glaciers

While working on the Tsanfleuron glacier, a team of young videographers from the University of Genève interviewed Johanna and Bastien and made a great video explaining with simple words their work up there.