Live webcams for permafrost monitoring

Live webcams for permafrost monitoring

This long-term project aims at monitoring the evolution of different periglacial landforms located in the Swiss Western Alps (Valais). Five webcams are currently surveying the Lac des Vaux periglacial lobes (Verbier), the Tsaté-Moiry rock glacier, the Tsarmine rock glacier and the Tsarmine glacier (Arolla) and the Col des Gentianes ice-cored moraine (Verbier-Nendaz). The images collected allow us detecting changes over short and long periods.

Collaborations : Reynald Delaloye, UniFribourg

Responsibles : Christophe Lambiel, Nicola Deluigi


Lac des Vaux (Verbier)

Tsaté-Moiry (val d’Anniviers)

Tsarmine (Arolla)