Permafrost and ground ice mapping

Permafrost and ground ice mapping

Several of our projects focus on the detection and characterization of mountain permafrost in sedimentary deposits using geophysical methods (mainly electrical resistivity tomography) and thermal measurements.

Recent and ongoing projects are located in:

• The Col des Gentianes moraine (Verbier-Nendaz)

• The top of Mont Fort (Verbier-Nendaz)

• The top of Pointe du Tsaté (Val de Moiry)

• The Lac des Vaux rock glacier (Verbier)

• The Pra Gras creeping scree (Arolla)

• Les Martinets rock glacier (Vallon de Nant)

These data have been used in a recent project on the modelling of the permafrost distribution using machine learning algorithms.

Electrical resistivity tomography profiles on the ice-cored moraine at Col des Gentianes (Verbier/Nendaz, Swiss Alps).