Short position papers

In March 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome in Lausanne more than 30 young, and not so young, researchers from Scotland and Switzerland, together with a few colleagues from England, Luxembourg, Denmark and Finland, for a two-day workshop on Governance by Infrastructure.

Following this first successful collective experience, we made the project of editing a special issue on the subject to be published in 2023 by First Monday.

Participants to the workshop were invited to contribute to a pre-collection of short position papers. 

The objective was for them to revisit the central arguments of their presentations and/or provide a working perspective as a starting point for contributions to the First Monday special issue.
The topics covered in these short papers reflect the diversity of the workshop contributions and of a few additional colleagues who were not present in March.

They are related by a common concern for the networked digital resources and services that constitute Information infrastructures.

Often featured as solutions to the challenges and crises of modern societies, Information infrastructures appear at the same time as a pervasive problem; indispensable and yet disappointing; apparently there and yet difficult to grasp; a never-ending story of socio-technological hopes and unmet promises

Léa Stiefel, organizing chairperson
Enjoy your reading!