March 17th

08:30 Welcome and introduction (Léa Stiefel and James Besse)

08:45 Opening Keynote

Prof. Robin Williams: Understanding Information Infrastructures II

Session 1: Studying Governance through an II lens: theoretical and methodological frameworks

Chair: Morgan Currie

09:45 Antti Silvast, Robin Williams and Sampsa Hyysalo: Energy Supply as an Information Infrastructure: A Reconceptualization of Governance by Infrastructure

10:15 Sarah Wolters: Smart Grids as Information Infrastructures

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Ben Collier and James Stewart: Influence Government: Practices and power in the surveillance influence infrastructure

11:45 Basile Zimmermann: The Knife, the Starfish, and the Sandcastle: an inquiry into the ontology of governance by infrastructure

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Mylène Tanferri: Micro-infrastructures: when a team is devising its own ordering devices

14:15 Timo Walter: Rational Expectations and the social ordering of the future: a semiotic analysis of its infrastructure

14:45 Break

Session 2: Public-Private and Community-Based Infrastructures: opening up participation

Chair: Olivier Glassey

15:00 Jessica Pidoux: What is a sustainable model for data collectives?

15:30 Ari Stillman: The Labor Economy as Fractured Infrastructure

16:00 Lara Dal Molin: Large Language Models as Gender-Shaping Infrastructures

16:30 Coffee break

17:00 Léa Stiefel: Architecting a distributed system for data sharing between untrusting actors

17:30 Alain Sandoz: The role of rules, requirements, and principles in the design of information infrastructures

18:00 Andrey Elizondo: Orchestration Spaces in the long-term development of shared information infrastructures in inter-organizational ecosystems: Case on the early orchestration of a regional interoperability platform in NHS England

18:30 Aperitif & dinner

March 18th

Session 3: Public and Private Infrastructures: raising concerns

Chair: Antti Silvast

08:30 Morgan Currie: Automating Universal Credit

09:00 Abby King: Telehealth and Orderings of (In)Equity in New Mexico’s Mental Healthcare System

09:30 Hadewych Honne: Interoperability at the cost of patient empowerment? The EU Rare Disease Common Data Elements for rare disease registry integration

10:00 Sophie Taylor: Assembling AI. Discursive infrastructures and the UK’s National AI Strategy

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Olivier Glassey: Building large-scale infrastructure to harness imagination: how roblox’s platform design, shapes, enrols, captures and exploits teenagers’ creativity

11:30 Tatiana Smirnova: Governance by infrastructure of social media platforms and their affections-effects in the case of a specific event

12:00 Lunch

Session 4: Public and Research Infrastructures: challenging assumptions

Chair: Alain Sandoz

13:30 James Besse: Understanding the Preconditions of Information Infrastructure: A Study of the EU Settlement Scheme’s Contribution to the Digitalization of the British Immigration System

14:00 Varun Sai: Reviewing Aadhaar enabled governance in India

14:30 Isadora Dullaert: The Conflation of Legal and Digital Identity: How Digital ID is Shaping the Legal Identity Space

15:00 Break

15:15 Jongheon Kim: A research infrastructure almost no one wanted

15:45 Jarmo De Vries: NHS Genomic Medicine Service’s Test Directory: shaping a new knowledge control regime of genetic and genomic testing services

16:15 Coffee break

16:45 Florian Jaton: Ground that: Enforcing a benchmark for neoantigen prediction in personalized immuno-oncology

17:15 Mayline Strouk: Governing Svalbard through research infrastructures

17:45 Closing Keynote

Prof. Valérie Schafer: Networks, governance and design: a journey through some historical case studies

18:30 Open Discussion

19:00 Aperitif & dinner