UPCiDe’s publications address specific issues in the literature on compromise and open the way to a comprehensive analysis of compromise as a political principle.


  • Baume, S. & Novak, S. (eds.) (2020), Compromises in Democracy, Cham, Palgrave Macmillan. [link]

articles and book chapters

  • Spang, F. “Should the animal rights movement make use of deliberative activism?” (forthcoming), in Politics and Animals.
  • Spang, S., “Is moral compromise feasible?” (forthcoming), in Neil Hibbert, Charles Jones & Steven Lecce (eds.), Justice, rights, and toleration.
  • Baume, S. & Papadopoulos, Y. (2022). “Against Compromise in Democracy? A Plea for a Fine-Grained Assessment.” Constellations, Advance Online Publication. [link]
  • Spang, F. (2021). “Why a fair compromise requires deliberation.” Journal of Deliberative Democracy 17 (1): 38–47. [link]

work in progress

  • Baume, S. “Classical and non-classical objections to compromise.”
  • Baume S., “Compromise and (authoritarian) populism.”
  • Baume S., “Compromise and militant democracy.”
  • Spang, F., “Compromise and veganism.”
  • Spang, F., “Compromise and deliberative democracy.”
  • Spang F., “Compromise and political theory.”