UPCiDe is a research group studying the practice of compromise in democracies. Our project proceeds from the observation that the idea of compromise is surrounded by ambivalence: while it is considered an essential source of governmental stability and an inevitable tool in collective action, its critical place has often not been recognized in our democracies. The ambivalence surrounding the notion of compromise has convinced us to undertake two main tasks:

  • First, to provide a systematic mapping of the objections against political compromises that tended to emerge in the 1920s and that persist until today; and
  • Second, to evaluate these objections as well as their rebuttals.

Through this nuanced assessment of the value of compromise, we hope to contribute to the debate on the merits of negotiated decision-making in a democratic context.

UPCiDe team.
Left to right: Augusto Sperb Machado, Sandrine Baume, Friderike Spang.

UPCiDe is hosted by the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.