Inter-institutional collaborators

Many UNIL professors and staff are affiliated with IUCN through their six Commissions. Past joint research projects have included Ecosystems Protecting Infrastructure and Communities (EPIC). Many collaborate on joint publications.

In the Faculty of Biology and Medicine, Dr PJ Stephenson, head of the IUCN Species Monitoring Specialist Group is based in the Department of Ecology and Evolution.

Since 2020

Olivier Hymas, senior researcher in the Institute of Geography and Sustainability, and is currently a seconded researcher to IUCN’s Protected and Conserved Areas in the context of the NARROW project.

Since 2023

In the Faculty of Geosciences and the Environment, Dr Flore Lafaye de MicheauxIPBES (International Panel of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) Program Officer is an external scientific collaborator of the Institute of Geography and Sustainability.

From 2019-2021, she was affiliated with IUCN and the UNIL-IUCN partnership.

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In 2018, UNIL awarded an honorary doctorate to the late Prof. Georgina Mace of the IUCN Species Survival Commission, with associated full day colloquium, organised by Faculty of Biology and Medicine.