From left to right Manon Dorster, Killian Monnin, Léa Schmidt, Jonas Richiardi, Vanessa Siffredi, Sébastien Tourbier, Xavier Sieber Jaume Banus Cobò, (Veronica Ravano), Costa Georgantas, Haoxuan Wang. Not Shown: Jonathan Rafael Patiño-Lopez, Hannes Gubler, Pierre Ancey.

Lab members come mainly from technical backgrounds (CS, EE, bioengineering, applied math, life science engineering…), with a dash of medical and neuroscience profiles.

Current members

Principal Investigator

DrSc Jonas Richiardi, PhD (EPFL)

Imaging Data Engineer


Junior Group Leader/Ambizione Fellow

DrSc Vanessa Siffredi, PhD (Univ. Melbourne & Univ. Geneva)

Postdoctoral Researchers

DrSc Jonathan Rafael Patiño-Lopez, PhD (EPFL)

DrSc Jaume Banùs Cobo, PhD (Université Côte d’Azur/INRIA)

PhD Students

Xavier Sieber, MSc (EPFL) – co-direction, with Ruud van Heeswijk as director and Matthias Stuber @ CVMR (CHUV/UNIL) as co-director

Costa Georgantas, MSc (EPFL) – direction

Killian Monin, MSc (Uni Bern) – direction, with Naïk Vietti-Violi and Clarisse Dromain as co-directors

Léa Schmidt, MSc (EPFL) – direction, with Vanessa Siffredi as co-director

MD Candidates

Patrick Jeltsch, MMed (Uni Lausanne) – co-direction, with Naïk Vietti-Violi as director and Clarisse Dromain as co-director

Master students

Léo Gribinski (University of Lausanne, Medicine)

Hannes Gubler (EPFL, Mathematics)

Berta Céspedes (EPFL, Life Sciences)

Open Positions

Opening for specific projects

  • PhD position in neuroimaging functional data analysis for a pediatric working memory Randomized Controlled Trial, in collaboration with the Research Institute at Haute Ecole de Santé Genève and the Cognitive Aging Lab at the University of Geneva. Starting around April 2024. Apply here or email for questions.

Ongoing competitive openings

  • MD-PhD (UNIL): If you’re the kind of future MD that is keen on data science and AI, we are very happy to support your MD-PhD application if you want to work with us at the intersection of machine learning, genetics, and medicine. See project in potential host labs at UNIL.
  • MSc (UNIL), MMed (UNIL) projects: we have many projects available in the field of machine learning for healthcare, please reach out.
  • MSc (EPFL): Semester projects, lab immersions, or master thesis – we often work with Jean Philippe Thiran’s lab, see the LTS 5 students project page. Depending on the topic of interest we can liaise with other suitable labs such as the Medical Image Processing Lab (e.g. functional brain imaging, Graph signal processing…) or LTS 4 (graph neural networks, cardiac applications…).
  • MSc/PhD/postdoc researchers worldwide that want to come to Switzerland: if you have outstanding ideas and track record in healthcare + ML, you may be eligible for a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship, and we may be willing to support your application – get in touch.

Alumni & Former members

  • DrSc Sébastien Tourbier, PhD (Univ. Lausanne) – then Senior Data Engineer at AC Immune.
  • Haoxuan Wang (EPFL, Life Sciences Engineering)
  • Manon Dorster (EPFL, Life Sciences Engineering) – then intern at Siemens Healthcare Switzerland Advanced Clinical Technology
  • Pierre Ancey (EPFL, Computational Science)
  • Veronica Ravano (PhD student, UNIL) – then Research Engineer at Siemens Healthcare Switzerland Advanced Clinical Technology
  • DrSc Tommaso Di Noto (PhD student, UNIL) – then Research Engineer at Siemens Healthcare Switzerland Advanced Clinical Technology
  • Maxime Poffet (MSc student, EPFL, Robotics) – then MSc student at EPFL
  • Antoine Madrona (MSc student, EPFL, Life Science Engineering & Data Science, host lab LTS5 @ EPFL) – then Data Science Intern / Data Engineer at Unit8
  • Adrien Jammot (INSA Rouen Normandie, Computer Science and Information technology) – then exchange MSc student at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • DrSc Elda Fischi-Gomez – then Research Staff Scientist at Center for Biomedical Imaging
  • Nataliia Molchanova (MSc student, EPFL) – then PhD student at Medical Image Analysis Lab, UNIL & MedGIFT, HES-SO.
  • Guillaume Jordan (MMed student, UNIL) – then Medicine resident at CHUV
  • Mazen Mahdi (MSc student, EPFL, host lab Dlab @ EPFL ) – then Lead Data Scientist at Daskell

Lab life

  • Winter outing - Geneva by night with pink Jet d'eau