See Google Scholar for a list of all our papers, UNIL institutional repository for our open access papers.


HEARTMAGIC (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) – Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF) affects around half patients suffering from heart failure. It has very poor prognosis and no treatment available. Our hypothesis is that we should be able to identify subtypes of patients for which better therapeutic options can be found. To this end, we will recruit around 600 patients between two hospitals, and acquire genotype, transcriptomics, metabolomic, and MR imaging data using newly-developed sequences. We will also develop new ML algorithms to subtype HFpEF patients from these rich, panoramic data. In collaboration with MR expert Ruud van Heeswijk (CHUV) and cardiologists Roger Hullin (CHUV) and Philippe Meyer (HUG)

Advanced Stroke Analytics Platform (ASAP) (co-financed by Innosuisse) – We are developing ML algorithms for federated learning robust to heterogeneous imaging protocols, in order to improve ischemic tissue volumetry and localisation. In collaboration with SCAN group at Inselspital Bern and Siemens Healthcare Advanced Clinical Imaging Technology.

Open source software

Lesion disconnectomics – estimate a disconnectome graph without diffusion data. Code (Maintained by Veronica Ravano). Paper.

Aneurysm detection – Detection-by-segmentation approach. Code (Maintained by Tommaso Di Noto). Paper.

Flexible Brain Graph Visualizer – Create cool 3D plots of brain graphs. Code.

Open Data

Lausanne University Hospital and University of Lausanne TOF-MRA Aneurysm cohort – At N=284, this is the largest open MR angiography dataset for aneurysms.

University of Fribourg Ultimatum Game in Schizophrenia Study – this is a small high-density EEG dataset with patients (psychosis, N=24) and controls (N=19) performing an economic/social decision-making task.