Research Team:

Sean Mueller is Assistant Professor at the University of Lausanne, funded by the SNF for the period from 2020 until 2025. He is in charge of the overall project coordination and the sub-project dealing with local autonomy in secessionist regions. Sean obtained his PhD in Politics & Government from the University of Kent/UK and his MA from the University of Fribourg/CH. Before coming to Lausanne he was post-doctoral researcher (Oberassistent) at the Chair of Swiss Politics, University of Bern. Contact: Web Twitter

Alessia Setti holds an MA in European Studies, with specialisation in European Public Policy and Administration, from Maastricht University and a BA in Economics and Social Sciences from the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Her sub-project is on cross-border cooperation. Alessia also acts as Communications Officer. Her research interests revolve around European integration, European territorial cooperation, subsidiarity and multi-level governance. She is passionate about politics, foreign languages, fashion and food. Contact: LinkedIn Twitter

Carlo Epifanio holds an MA in Governing the Large Metropolis from the Urban School of Paris, Sciences Po, and a BA in Sociology from University of Milano-Bicocca. He works on urban resistance and acts as the Events Coordinator for the project. His research interests span from urban governance, public policy, and urban sociology to methods of social research. In his free time, Carlo enjoys sports, mountaineering and journalism. Contact: LinkedIn

Scientific Advisory Committee: