12–13 November 2021: After a difficult first year in terms of personal interaction, we can finally hold our Kick Off Conference! Several persons from both academia and the more practical world are joining us in Lausanne to discuss challenges and opportunities for sub-national entities in Europe today.

January 2021: We are on Twitter!

1 October 2020: new team members, new office…

May–June 2020: Recruitment of two PhD students

1 February 2020: Start of the project

Der @ThuerLandtag prüft die Einführung des #fakultativen #Referendums / #Volkseinwands. Zur Stellungnahme eingeladen scheint mir vor allem die #Hürde unrealistisch hoch... #directdemocracy #realpower
Danke @cloudista @lukasleuzinger für die tolle Datenbank!

Looking back at last week 🔙 Our #PhD candidates were busy abroad, discussing the sub-national perspective in their respective fields!
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 @CarloEpifanio took part in the @uacesterrpol workshop in #Edinburgh
🇮🇹 @settialessia went to #Rome for #SGEU22 @ECPR_SGEU 👇

Alessia Setti @settialessia

Very grateful I had the chance to present a new (yet still work-in-progress) vision of #differentiated #integration in the 🇪🇺 from a sub-national perspective, followed by a thought provoking discussion!

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