Welcome to the homepage of the SNF project entitled

The Rise of the Sub: Territorial challenges of nation-state sovereignty in Europe and North-America

Why studying the rise of sub-national governance? 

The world is facing a climate crisis and many other challenges, which nation-states were meant to solve. This Eccellenza project investigates the extent to which “the sub”, meaning sub-national entities, is rising to solve these issues. 

Our Objectives

This research project aims to collect research and observe how nations are changing, why the sub is rising, and if sub-national entities can be part of the solution to address such challenges.

Our objects of analysis

New actors such as cities rebel against the decisions of their national government. Novel forms of governance cross borders, and unprecedented movements ask for new forms of local autonomy

Interested in reaching us?

The project is located at the University of Lausanne’s Institute of Political Studies and directed by Assistant Professor Sean Mueller. On these pages, you’ll gain more information on the project’s scope, the team, and latest news. You can also follow us on Twitter. Thank you for your interest!