Selfpad à EUCEN 2015, Bruxelles

17 nov. 2015 -Learning Café, EUCEN 2015, Autumn Seminar – Bruxelles

“Selfpad: A Tool for the Self-Evaluation of One’s Own Learning Process”, Nadia Spang Bovey, Unil & Patrick Roth, Unige

Abstract: During this presentation, we will introduce the ePortfolio approach as a help to reflect upon one’s learning practices, difficulties and progress. Emphasis will be put on the importance of getting acquainted with the reflective process while being in formal learning settings, as a preparation for more autonomous lifelong learning practices. Therefore, the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva and are collaborating on a project aimed at providing Selfpad, a web tool to support the adoption of self-evaluation for students and academic staff of their learning. Users are lead to consider both knowledge and skills as real assets that need to be nurtured, showcased and reinforced over time. Simultaneously, such an approach could provide suitable indications on the alignment between the competences targeted by a programme and the ones identified by the learners.