Research Networks’ Semi Plenaries

The SAGS Research Networks are thematic working groups inside the association. There are currently six Research Networks :

Two of them are presenting on Friday 15 a semi-plenary (11:30-13:00).

Feminisms, Marxism and Decoloniality Semi-plenary:

From house to square: Latin American theoretical and public policy contributions to feminist economics 

Presented by Valeria Esquivel

Valeria Esquivel is an accomplished feminist economist whose academic career focused on labor, macroeconomics and social policies. Her recent research focuses on the intersections of gender, employment, and macroeconomics, as well as the gender employment impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is dedicated to proposing and supporting the implementation of gender-responsive employment policies, notably in her current position of Employment Policies and Gender specialist at the International Labour Office.

Affects, Feeling and Emotions Semi-plenary:

“You don’t want to be the whiny person”: Affective identity work in Academia

Presented by Nilima Chowdhury 

Nilima Chowdhury is a senior researcher in health psychology at the University of Lausanne, lecturer and head of the Coaching Programme at the University of St.Gallen and a trainer/speaker at Leaders for Equality. Her research interests center on the socio-cultural aspects of self, identity, affect/emotion and well-being. Using a critical qualitative methodology, she investigates whether and how discursive frames such as neoliberalism and postfeminism underpin normative self- and meaning-making practices.