Permanent plots

Three types of permanent plots are considered in this project

Picture of a permanent plot set up in 1948 by W. Lüdi along Aletsch glacier and revisited in 2005.

Plots regularly sampled, marked on the field (posts, carved signs, …) with a precise description.

e.g., Pauli et al. 2010

Phytosociological relevé in a snowbed inventoried by J.-L. Richard in 1977 and relocated in 2014 on the basis of precise coordinates and the topographical description (Photo M. Matteodo).

Relevés published in a book or article, with a precise description, coordinates, a sketch or photograph which allow it to be found again as precisely as possible.

e.g., Matteodo et al. 2016

Piz Calderas (GR), 3397 m. J. Braun-Blanquet inventoried the species on the last 13 meters in 1911.

Complete list of species on a summit, with the limit (altitude) of the sampled area. The limits of a new sampling will probably not be very precise, but the large area will compensate the lack of precision.

e.g., Vittoz et al. 2008 ; Matteodo et al. 2013