Old records, such as relevés or floristic inventories, which can be geographically pinpointed are collected and recorded in data bank. Plots without recent visit are located, newly marked on the field and measured using efficient GPS systems. A selection is resampled according to the old field methods and using more precise techniques if necessary.

More than 1200 permanent plots are known in Switzerland. Data about many of them have already been collected in literature or by personal contacts but there are certainly many more. If you know some more, contribute filling the gaps !

Distribution of the vegetation permanent plots stored in the Swiss data bank (March 2018)

The complete list of existing plots contained in the data bank can be downloaded.

For data protection, only the approximate position, the age of the plots, the number of available records and the type of vegetation is directly available : see the deontology.

But do not hesitate to contact me to get more precise data or the address of the author responsible for the plots.

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The PERMANENT.PLOT.CH project is included in the Global Index of Vegetation-plot Databases (GIVD) under the code EU-CH-001.