Sixth international meeting of the Transfopress network (Transnational network for the study of foreign language press) | Rome, May 15-17, 2019

Protesting in a Foreign Language: The foreign-language press and dissent

In collaboration with Istituto Centrale per la Catalogazione Unica (ICCU),Rome Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines(CHCSC)

Call for papers

The foreign-language press is an extremely varied, complex phenomenon, specifically defined as the press printed in languages that are different from the official language(s) of the country where it is published. While often underestimated because they are perceived as marginal or even “foreign”, foreign-language periodicals account for a substantial portion of the national presses of most countries and contribute to the development of very important historicaland contemporary phenomena. Specifically, they can be used as an alternative way to spread ideas and practices both in the country where they are printed and transnationally. (more…)