Scientific Program

All the abstracts can be found below


How microbial communities influence microbialite formation

Conveners: Jasmine Berg (UNIL), Peter Visscher (U. Connecticut)

Keynote Speaker: Tanja Bosak (MIT)

“Exploring the formation mechanisms and biosignature preservation
potential of martian carbonates”

Microbial carbonate as carbon storage system

Convener: Nina Zeyen (UNIGE), Alice Boscos Santos (UNIL)

Keynote Speaker: Benjamin Tutolo (Calgary University)

“Understanding microbial carbonate formation in alkaline lacustrine settings and its potential as a carbon storage system”

Latest advances in microbialites analyses

Convener: Anneleen Foubert (UNIFr), Sylvie Bruggmann (UNIL)

Keynote Speaker: Simon Hohl (Tongji University)

“Using Cd, Ni, and Ba isotope systematics in Archean stromatolites to elucidate Earth’s earliest microbial metabolisms”

How to distinguish abiotic and biotic signatures in stromatolite

Conveners: Purificación López-Garcìa (CNRS, DEEM), Sylvain Bernard (CNRS, MNHN)

Keynote Speaker: Julie Cosmidis (Oxford University)

“Rock solid evidence: distinguishing true microbial biosignatures from false positives in ancient rocks ”

Microbialite through the geological record

Conveners: Jordon Hemingway (ETHZ), Virgil Pasquier (UNIL)

Keynote Speaker: Erica Barlow (Penn State University)

“Microbialites as biological and environmental archives”