Neural correlates of auditory timing perception

Principal Investigator: PD Dr. Eveline Geiser

Timing perception is an inherent feature of all sensory experience. Without its underlying temporal structure, perception would be unthinkable. To efficiently perceive and interact with our environment, we perceive sequences of sensory events and derive predictions about future events based on previous sequences. The ability to extract such temporal patterns from the ongoing stream of stimulation – here referred to as global timing – is a fundamental capacity of the human brain. However, despite the crucial importance of global timing for perceptual efficiency, the underlying neural mechanisms are virtually unknown.

This project investigates the brain organization of high-level auditory perception. Specifically, it explores the neural mechanisms of auditory global timing perception in the human brain.

This project uses neuroimaging (MRI, fMRI, ERP, EEG) and behavioral research paradigms (psychoacoustics).

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Forthcoming Publications

Notter, M., Gabrieli, J.D.E., & Geiser, E. (under review). Neural correlates of individual differences in temporal Gestalt perception.> A study combining psychometric measures of our temporal grouping illusion (Geiser et al. 2013) with fMRI.
Notter, M., Hanke, M., Murray, M.M., & Geiser, E. (under review). Where the rhythm plays: Machine learning decodes rhythm-sensitive cortices.  -> a study applying multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) by means of machine learning.
Geiser, E., Knebel, J.-F., Retsa, C., Ferrari, C., Clarke, S., Conus, Ph., Do, K.Q., & Murray, M.M. (under review). The coupling of low-level auditory dysfunction and oxidative stress in early-phase psychosis. -> The first study reporting a link between a key pathology and sensory markers of the disease.


Key Related Publications (full list)

Sameiro-Barbosa, C. & Geiser, E. (2016). Sensory entrainment mechanisms in auditory perception: neural synchronization and cortico-striatal activation. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 10:361. pubmed
Geiser, E., Walker, K. & Bendor, D. (2014). Global timing: a conceptual framework to investigate the neural basis of rhythm perception in humans and non-human species. Frontiers in Psychology. pubmed
Geiser, E. & Gabrieli, J.D.E. (2013). Influence of rhythmic grouping on duration perception: A novel auditory illusion. PLoS One, 8(1): e54273. pubmed
Geiser, E., Notter, M., & Gabrieli J.D.E. (2012). A cortico-striatal neural system enhances auditory perception through temporal context processing. Journal of Neuroscience, 32(18), 6177-82. pubmed
Geiser, E. & Kaelin-Lang, A. (2011). The function of dopaminergic neural signal transmission in auditory pulse perception: Evidence from dopaminergic treatment in Parkinson’s Patients. Behavioral Brain Research, 225, 270-275. pubmed


Current and Former Group Members

Catia Barbosa (PhD student since 2015)                                                                            Michael Notter (technical assistant 2014/15)                                                                 Arnaud Berney (Master student 2015)
Jules Duruz (premaster student 2014)                                                                                Elodie Ducrey (intern 2015)                                                                                          Patricia Angkiriwang (intern 2015)

Current Collaborators

Prof. Micah Murray (CHUV) – LINE
Prof. Stephanie Clarke (CHUV)                                                                                         Prof. Alain Kaelin (Neurocentro della Svizzera Italiana)                                                     Prof. John D.E. Gabrieli (MIT)


Swiss National Science Foundation                                                                                    Department of Radiology, CHUV