Stephanie Clarke, Prof.


Head of the Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Clinic
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

Avenue Pierre Decker 5,
CH-1011 Lausanne, Switzerland

stephanie dot clarke at chuv dot ch                                
+41 (0)21 314 13 09 (numéro direct) +41 (0)21 314 13 02 (secrétariat)

Research Interests

With her group Stephanie Clarke carries out research projects that combine investigations of cognitive functions and of the functional organization of the human cerebral cortex, with particular interest in the organisation and plasticity of the human auditory cortex.

Keywords: Cognitive functions, neural plasticity, recovery from brain lesions, neurorehabilitation, neuropsychology, auditory cognition, time perception, cerebral cortex, brain imaging

Current projects

Sound objects in space and time (FNS 159708 (2015-18); PI)


FNS 141177 (2012-15; PI)
FNS 142882 (2012-13; co-app)
FNS 125759 (2010-14; co-app)
FNS 158776 (2014-18; co-app)
FNS 143780 (2013-16); co-app)
FNS 159708 (2015-18); PI)

Selected Publications, 2013 – 

Bourquin NM, Simonin A, Clarke S (2013) Repetition-induced plasticity of motor representations of action sounds. Brain Topography 26:152-6.
Bourquin NM, Murray MM, Clarke S (2013). Location-independent and location-linked representations of sound objects. Neuroimage, 73: 40–49.
Carmeli C, Donati A, Antille V, Viceic D, Ghika J, von Gunten A, Clarke S, Meuli R, Frackowiak RS, Knyazeva MG (2013) Demyelination in mild cognitive impairment suggests progression path to Alzheimer’s disease. PLos One 2013 8(8):e72759
Da Costa S, van der Zwaag W, Miller LM, Clarke S, Saenz M (2013) Tuning in to sound frequency-selective attentional filter in human auditory cortex. J Neuroscience 33:1858-63
Clarke S, At A Sound localization disorders and auditory neglect. In Celesia GG (2013) Disorders of Peripheral and Central Auditory Processing. Handbook of Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol 10, 423-434
Da Costa S, Saenz M, Clarke S, van der Zwaag W (2014) Tonotopic grandients in human primary auditory cortex: Concurring evidence from high-resolution 7T and 3T fMRI. Brain Topography, 28:66-9
Cammoun L, Thiran JP, Griffa A, Meuli R, Hagmann P, Clarke S (2014) Intrahemispheric cortico-cortical connections in the human auditory cortex. Brain Structure and Function, Epub ahead of print
Crottaz-Herbette S, Fornari E, Clarke S (2014) Prismatic adaptation changes visuospatial representation in the inferior parietal lobule. Journal of Neuroscience 34: 11803-11
Clarke, S, Bindschaedler, C (2014) Unilateral neglect and anosognosia. In Selzer M. E., Clarke S, Cohen L G, Kwakkel G, Miller RH (eds) Textbook of Neural Repair and Rehabilitation. Volume II, 2nd edition, Cambridge University Press, 463-477.
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Da Costa S, Bourquin NM, Knebel JF, Saenz M, van der Zwaag W, Clarke S (2015) Representation of Sound Objects within Early-Stage Auditory Areas: A Repetition Effect Study Using 7T fMRI. PLoS One 10:e0124072
De Meo R, Murray MM, Clarke S, Matusz PJ (2015) Top-down control and early multisensory processes: chicken vs. egg. Front Integr Neurosci 9:17
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Clarke S, Geiser E (2015) Roaring lions and chirruping lemurs: how the brain encodes sound objects in space. Neuropsychologia, 75:304-313
De Meo R, Bourquin NM, Knebel JF, Murray MM, Clarke S (2015) From bird to sparrow: learning- induced modulations in fine-grained semantic discrimination. Neuroimage, 118: 163-173


  •      Director of the Doctoral School FBM
  •      Thesis director: PhD in neuroscience, MD
  •      Ex cathedra lectures to medical students
  •      Supervision of Master students