Shimadzu UV-vis spectrophotometer UV-2600

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Naomi Dumas
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The Shimadzu UV-2600 UV/VIS spectrophotometer can be used to measure the the absorption or transmission of samples at wavelengths of 185 – 900 nm. The instrument can be used for the quantitation of metals by colorimetric methods (e.g., Fe(II) analyzed by the ferrozine assay or Mn(III, IV) analyzed by the leucoberbelin blue assay); the detection of organic molecules (e.g., siderophores); and the measurement of turbidity (e.g., to determine bacterial growth rates or particle settling times).

The instrument has linear response until 1 absorbance units. Standard sized (5 mL) and micro-sized (1 mL) quartz cuvettes with 1 cm path length are available; the instrument can also be used with disposable plastic cuvettes.