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Jean-Claude Lavanchy
Jasquelin Peña
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The LiquiTOC measures the concentrations of total carbon (TC), total inorganic carbon (TIC), total organic carbon (TOC) and non-particulate organic carbon (NPOC) in aqueous samples. Measurements are made by high temperature oxidation of the carbon (850-900°C) and detection of CO2 by an NDIR photometer. Total bound nitrogen (TNb) can also be measured.

The instrument is equipped with an auto-sampler that can accommodate 44 samples. About 20 minutes are required to analyze each sample. A minimum sample volume of 8ml is needed; the detection limit is approximately 0.5ppm; the instrument gives a linear response over a range of 0 – 100ppm. Samples must fall within this concentration range
or be diluted accordingly by the user.

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